Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dangerous Kids

It's tough raising a girl in today's world... there are so many voices in our kids' heads: magazines, tv, music, internet, not to mention the things you learn the other kids. My plan isn't to shelter my daughter, it's to make her dangerous to the status quo. I'm not talking about raising a rebel, here, but about raising a woman full of determination, strength, courage and self-love. What would happen if we raised our kids to be dangerous? How can we disassemble the norms that so easily permeate our parenting, plans and potential?

Matt and I talk about this a lot. We've made a conscious effort to reduce our family's cultural absorption levels. We don't have television. We don't let June watch "movies," other than a few educational videos. We don't buy fast food or expose ourselves to other junk food (mom and dad sometimes sneak some ice cream or chips and a movie at night- that's part of the cheap date segment I'll write later). We insist on using polite words and displaying gentleness towards each other. We don't spend excessive time shopping or focused on material possession. Our computer is in a family area and only harbors family-friendly content. Most important, though, we pray for June's purity and her heart. We pray for her decision making skills and we pray that she will be a leader, not a follower.

I've noticed since I've become a stay-at-home mom that I've become very sensitive to the world around me. R-rated movies are completely unwatchable. Even tv ads have become grating and disturbing to me. We would love to be able to watch football, but it's not worth it for everything that comes with it. These choices are hard, and every family has to weigh them against how they feel they are being called to live. I intentionally choose everyday to make parenting an important piece of my life mission. I'm glad so many of you out there do, too. We all need the right kind of community that will encourage us to do what's best for our kids and to have fun in the process. So...let's go!

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