Friday, January 4, 2008

Things will be great in 2008

Things will be great, in 2008, in spite of the impending election. This begs the question: Since when was something eleven months away considered "impending"? Elections. Chalk up another point for bipartisanship. Sorry, back to family news...

We survived the holidays and had a ton of fun. This is the first year since we've been married that Matthew and I have been able to celebrate Christmas with family, thanks to Mt. Bachelor. Needless to say, we sort of overdid it.

The holiday highlight for June was definitely chasing all her cousins, second-cousins, and step-second-cousins-twice-removed around Grandma and Grandpa Maurer's house. She also enjoyed the abundance of Christmas sparkle you always find there. The highlight for Mommy and Daddy was the snowboarding we've been able to enjoy together the past few weeks. Mommy got a "sweet" coat thanks to Daddy's Christmas bonus (thank you Arnold Irrigation!). She now gets gazes from her husband on the chairlift that say, "hey beautiful" instead of "wow, honey, we need to get you a new coat."

Having recovered from a short, busy holiday, we raise our heads above the fog and find that the snow has melted (for now), life is moving again, and Matthew is back at work. The upside of rain and wind is the vocabulary potential for our dear little sponge. Her latest words include: puddle, umbrella, wind, ski, whisper and yell. Sign language is popular at our house and June knows about 25 words including bunny/rabbit, hug, cold, help, share, sit, eat, drink, MILK (her favorite), moose and cat (this one is adorable). The hardest thing about sign-language is that Mommy and Daddy have to keep up with the learning curve.

Another highlight? June's new favorite word: Elmo. I have no one to blame for this but myself. Sesame Street has about 200 video clips online and a hefty portion of them involve Elmo, everyone's favorite, furry friend. Side note: I think it's hilarious that Elmo is actually a big burly guy who looks more like a bouncer than a preschooler. Maybe this is why Elmo flirts so much with the ladies who come to visit Sesame Street (seriously, watch him carefully next time). Women everywhere, including my daughter, are drawn to Elmo's soft vulnerability and cheerful attitude. June asks for Elmo constantly. In fact, Elmo may be more popular at our house than Noah. But, that is a story for another time involving a sweet 9 year old who has stolen my daughter's heart.

For now, we live each day with the hope of glory, and, like our new favorite bumper sticker says (it may appear soon on a primer-gray 1980's Nissan Maxima near you), we are "Dopeless Hope Fiends" and loving every minute.

This entry is a lot like my holiday season; disjointed, fun and family-oriented. I can live with that. What have you been up to, family and friends? Please drop us a line and let us know.

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violet-moon25 said...

Hi Tori,

Andrew likes Elmo but Cookie is his favorite (and he likes to climb on the counter for real cookies). My favorie was always Kermit, though I do bear some resemblence to Oscar the grouch in the morning. Andrew loves Sesame Street but he also loves to watch the Muppet show on DVD and will dance to the credits.