Tuesday, August 19, 2008

June's Second Birthday!

Wow, what a crazy month! Anyone who knows us knows that August is the one month of our year to be dreaded, anticipated and then lived out with wild abandon. Earlier this month we got to visit Matt's family for a few days in Sweet Home, at Heather's annual August shindig. From there, we headed up to Vancouver for my step-brother's wedding. After that we visited with my family in LaCenter, WA, drove back to Portland for the night, and returned home in one piece on Monday.

August was the month we celebrated Matthew's 31st birthday, my mom's 60th birthday, Matt's brother's birthday, his parents' anniversary, and my brother-in-law Jon's birthday. This month we also launched our Barefoot Books business (thank you, everyone, for your support!) and of course, June turned 2. Whew. That almost beats out last year when I threw a surprise birthday party for Matthew and June within days of moving into our new house! Here are some pictures...you can always go to Facebook or Picasa to view more photos. Enjoy!

June and Daddy playing with balloons-

The all-too-rare June and Mommy picture-

Birthday dinner with Daddy and Mommy and a funny hat-

June with Aunt Heather and June's new tea set! Thank you Aunt Heather!

just Grandma and me...

June and Grandma share a cracker

Laughing with Grandma and Grandpa

blowing out birthday candles with Daddy (and cousin Elizabeth)-

opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa with VERY cool wrapping paper!

Here is June...hiding in the pillows (a favorite pasttime while naked) sorry it's sideways.

I must end this blog entry with an apology to my family- our memory card only holds a few photos and we ran out of space before we reached the Washingtonians...so, hopefully we'll gather photos from far afield and complete the collection, soon. Blessings to you all!

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Angelina said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! She can't possibly be two!! Beautiful pics and happy belated Junie!!! We love you so much and are blessed to have had your presence grace our lives!