Friday, September 19, 2008

Toddler Sized Faith

June is at such a fun stage right now. By fun I mean wildly unpredictable. Her verbal skills are very good for a two year old. She speaks in complete sentences and will repeat anything just to hear herself say it. Unfortunately, not everyone speaks her toddler-lingo. She's been having trouble with hitting other kids (and hitting Mommy and Daddy). It's not malicious, I think she's just exploring her world in a physical way when she feels she's not being understood. She's also developed an amazing ability to completely ignore me when I'm talking to her. So...we've adopted a new mantra at our house: "Listen with your ears, use your words, be gentle with your hands."

Matt and I were talking tonight about some ways that God is challenging us in our lives, right now. It occured to us that God may have the same mantra for us. "Tori and Matt, are you listening to what I'm telling you? Are you talking to me about your needs, desires, fears? Are you loving and cherishing others as gently as I love you?" The truth that I may be a spiritual two-year old is alarming but completely hilarious to me. I knew I'd learn a lot about myself by becoming a mother, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would learn about God. His desire is for us to grow up, but not too fast. I wouldn't be upset with June because she can't ride a bicycle, or cook her own breakfast. God isn't upset with us, either. He's just watching, waiting, gently reminding. Usually I'm good with the listening, but sometimes I need a time-out, too. In the meantime, God loves the stage I'm in. The innocence, the trust, the total dependence. I love the stage I'm in too, but I want to keep growing up, just like June. Tonight she sat in a big chair at the table and ate with a fork. She drank her water from a "big girl" cup and participated in our conversation. She's growing up, but God is teaching me to enjoy each moment of each day I have with her. These years are precious to me, and to Him.

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AlishaRagan said...

What beautiful advice you are teaching your daughter! Listening with your ears...a life long lesson.

Love and Peace, In Christ,