Friday, September 4, 2009

Muse-ings and freebies!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love Facebook. I love the immediacy of it, the spontaneous community it creates, and most of all, the way it brings my entire life together on one page. Friends, family, business contacts and other interests connect on Facebook. But my heart doesn't live in a place of two-sentence postings. When I need to rant about my three-year-old and her refusal to say "yes" to anything, or when I need to express a thought that has been rattling around in my brain all week, I go to my blog. Read it if you want. Or don't. It's my boot-camp, my lego castle, my etch-a-sketch. When I need to write, I write here.

So, lately people have been asking me which blogs I follow. I scramble to think of a few, depending on the person, and e-mail a list from my "favorites" menu. We all have people in our lives who inspire and motivate us. I'm talking about people who make you want to sit down and write that novel. Or dance. Or spontaneously sing. This blog post is for a few of you girls out in blog-land (random fact: they're all moms) that I look to when I need a Tori-style pick-me-up. I follow a lot of blogs that encourage and inspire me, but these are among the ones who write of more than family news and pictures of their kids (i.e., I don't think they'll mind me sharing). So, here goes:

Bee Repartee Jenn (we have a weird family connection that is better left unexplored) is some sort of soul-sister and is a good writer, a rare thing these days. She has a good balance of mommy stories, life lore and ponderings. Her writing style is like mine, but with more wisdom and humor. Seriously, Bee- you always make me laugh.

This Simple Life- I "found" Toni one day when I was blog-hopping, looking for inspiration for my own blog. She is an earthy homeschooling mom who seems to appreciate the beauty and spontaneity of childhood exploration. She beautifully captures the little moments that are rest stops on that sometimes treacherous path of mommy-hood. Toni makes me want to paint my house with home-made finger paints. Though I'm not sure either of us would let our kids do it.

Steady Mom Jamie is a homeschooling mom, among other things. Steady Mom is also an international mommy- two of her kids are adopted from other parts of the world. I love her blog because she gives away wisdom, great ideas and a place to discuss the things that weigh on our hearts as mothers. Inspirational, for sure.

And, of course, Bo Stern... I rarely read anything she writes without saying, "oh, wow- she should get up in front of people and talk about this stuff... oh, wait, she does!" She writes exactly as she speaks and I love that about her style. She also names her kids cool things like "Tori." If I didn't go to her church and share a name with her daughter I might qualify as a mere stalker. Instead, she's a secret mentor of mine.

OK- Time for a freebie- Sign up to "follow" my blog and post a comment to this post. At the end of September I will randomly pick someone to receive a copy of "A Quiet Place: Essays on Life and Family" by Peggy O'Mara (one of my favorite people), publisher and editor of Mothering Magazine. These are amazing and quick-reading essays about mothering, life and the world around us. Tell your friends!


(Best Show)Watch said...
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Toni said...

Such kind words ~ Thanks for the link!

Richele said...

I thought that was you! I followed you through from Jackie's blog.

Hope all is amazingly beautiful as it should be.