Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm the sort of woman who has a new project every week or so and now my husband is on to me.  So when I first told him I wanted to homeschool our daughter, he gave me “the look.” 

“No, seriously!  I can do this!”
“What?  Don’t you believe me?”
“Yeah… but…”
“But what?”
“Well, let’s think about it for awhile, ok?”

Translation:  He’s giving it six months.

Ok.  He has a point.  I already have a home business, am involved with a local mom’s group, teach kids at a Tuesday morning Bible study, have two blogs, an obsession with Facebook, a greenhouse and six chickens.  Can our family vision handle another project? 

Here’s the problem. Homeschooling isn’t just another project.  It’s THE project.  I could outline my fifty good reasons and the answers for all your questions, but let’s just shorten it to this:

1) I will not hide my daughter away from the world, or vice versa. 
2) Socialization doesn’t happen at a desk, limited only to your peers.  It happens out in the world with all sorts of real people.
3) I’m not lazy, I’m crazy.  You’d have to be crazy to think that home schooling is easy. 

Homeschooling seems to be gaining popularity these days, or I just have lots of crazy friends.
Either way there is a ton of information out there.  I could write a whole week of blog posts about the great resources that are out there for homeschool families.  I‘ve read tons of books and articles and interviewed friends and strangers alike.  I‘ve joined chat groups, follow blogs and have a journal where I write it all down.   Research is not the hard part.  The hard part is sticking to it, day by day, and being disciplined. 

Who knows my adorable, strong-willed, smart little girl better than me?  Who is better equipped to teach her than me?  We already do "school" at home with sorting/counting (math), books/abc (reading/writing) as well as science, dance and music. Each year adds more structure, more planning, more thought.  Sounds fun to me!

I'm so excited about the idea... anyone out there with me?  Are you thinking about homeschooling?  Why?  Why not?  Are you already doing it?  Why did you decide to homeschool?  Please leave your comments below!  I need to know!   Oh- and don't forget to scroll down and enter the contest to win the Jesus Storybook Bible!  The contest will be up before you know it!


LizzieDee said...

I love this post,Tori. I am very interested in homeschooling, and its so great to hear that resources are so readily available. I must be one of the crazies too ;-) I hope to keep in touch with you about this, as although continents apart, our girls are almost the same age (and cute!!)

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Thanks, Lizzie! I love reading your blog, too... didn't know you ran a preschool, too! Wow...and I thought I was busy... ;)

iris said...

You'll be a great "Homeschooling Mom," Tori!

Love your Blog!


Katie said...

I'm already gathering my stuff for next year when I start with Luke! I'm sure you've already read it, but The Well-Trained Mind is my favorite resource to recommend to people - I'm planning on using a classical model.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Hooray, Katie! I didn't know you were planning on homeschooling! You'll do so well... I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as a teacher/child of a teacher.

and thank you, Gail, for your kind comment!

Tiffany said...

Well said, sis! I don’t think I can add anything to your arguments in favor of homeschooling. But, I can add my personal reasons for making this choice. Here goes: There is a moment in each new learning experience where the light bulb goes on. It may be the moment you realize that learning to read has opened your world to more information and imagination than you ever thought possible. It may be the moment you realize that knowing how to tell what time it is gives you power over what you do with that time. It may be the moment where all the artistic time and energy you’ve put into something culminates in the realization of your dream. There are so many of these moments in life that to sit and reflect on them would take all night. But, my simple reason for choosing homeschooling is that I want to be present in those moments with my kids. Sure, you can have those moments if you choose to send your kids to school. But if you add up the amount of time they will spend apart from you, rather than at your side all day, it’s likely that you will miss many of them. I put up with the lack of privacy, sibling fights, weight of responsibility for the education of my children, the endless hours preparing curriculum, and compromising time spent preparing gourmet meals or keeping a perfectly clean house just so that I can be present for those moments all the time. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because the look on a child’s face when the light bulb goes on is priceless.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Well-spoken, Tiffany- I couldn't go into all the great reasons I want to homeschool- it would have been a book, not a blog post. Your perspective covers it all, perfectly! :)