Monday, March 1, 2010

O Blow Thou Winter WInd

Where oh where has winter gone?  Here in Central Oregon winter seems to have passed us by.  No massive piles of snow in the yard and forts, tunnels and slides carved of ice and snow are a thing of years past (though we did enjoy some fun sliding on the snow, this year).

Winter often signifies death, hibernation and rest.  That time of rest has been welcomed and enjoyed by our family, though it seems to be passing too quickly.  Spring has taken an early jump into our yard (the daffodils, tulips and crocuses concur) as well as into our lives.  Much change is on the horizon for us.  We are taking advantage of the housing market (Bend, OR is the worst in the nation for housing deflation) to buy our first home.  We could be moving as early as six weeks from our home of the past three years.  Also, we are expecting our second child this summer.  On top of that, we've recently received news that my husband has congenital arthritis in both hips and needs hip replacement surgery (he's only 32!).  We're facing difficult and significant struggles in our immediate family, as well.  Change is usually good, but it can be challenging.

After a difficult winter for so many of losing homes, jobs and livelihood, I'd love to hear what is springing forth in  your lives, now.  Does spring promise renewal of old dreams, or simply a change in scenery?  Are the crocuses blooming in your hearts as you face the new year or are you anticipating an overgrowth of weeds?  Or are you expecting a few more months of winter?  Share your heart, here, friend- let's see where we are headed, together!

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