Monday, September 27, 2010

a new thing...

She's here.  Josephine Rain joined our family on July 29, 2010.  Josephine means "God will increase."  There were thunderstorms the week she was born, but the loudest cry came from my own heart. 

We had an emergency c-section with our first daughter and worked hard toward the dream of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) with our second daughter.  I compare it to climbing Mt. Everest.  You can turn back with the experience of having known the mountain, or you can make it to the summit.  After having contractions for three solid days, I labored hard for another 18 hours with back labor (ouch).  Succumbing to my own human weakness, and a few other factors, I enjoyed the benefits of an epidural and pushed my daughter out at 12:58 am.  Her squishy, squashy head pressed against my shaking chest as we bonded, born as one, a mother and daughter.  I made it to the summit.

God promised me a new thing (see verse headlining the blog) weeks before Josephine was born.  And He delivered.  I yelled at Him a little, mostly because I needed to yell at someone, when I hadn't progressed after eight hours of hard labor.  But He held my hand while the labor suddenly sped ahead in only two hours.

She is a brand new thing.

Life with two kids is like adding punctuation to an already great essay.  Being one of two girls, my life seems to make more sense with two kids.  I've been reborn, again, as a mother.  Reintroduced to piles of diapers (we do cloth), the endless sorting of clothes outgrown, the exhaustion, and of course, the milestones.  But she smiles at me.  And it is a new thing.  A beautiful thing. 

Check in, soon, for more of our adjustments as a family, life with a sensitive child and a newborn, and our homeschooling adventures!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for you that the VBAC worked out! Joey looks great in your pictures.

We got pretty close with the VBAC but did the emergency c-section instead of pushing (the cord was around her neck). In spite of how painful that c-sections was, I'm glad to have my wonderful, bright, lively daughter and would not have risked her being brain damaged by a delivery gone wrong. But I'm glad I gave the VBAC a try. Your Mt. Everest analogy reminds me of a documentary on the survivors of a surprise blizzard on Mt. Everest.

BTW, I still am surprised you didn't go with "Summer Rain" ;-) though I suppose you can use it as a nickname.


Kindred Mama said...

Tori you rocked your birth. The love for you in Mathew's eyes was beautiful to witness. Crying, praying and unwavering Faith inspired me to keep doing birth work. Love you.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Rachel- You are an amazing mom and I'm so glad you get to parent those two beautiful kids! Good job!

Marisa- you're making me cry! You're amazing, too! Keep doing the birth work, you were such a help and a blessing to us! I wanted to mention that in the post, but I didn't want it to be a long diatribe describing my birth and everyone involved... love you!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog entries, Tori! Love you,

Richele said...

Ah, and I didn't even know the Lord was shining His face down on you with another living blessing! Glory, glory!

We used cloth diapers as well - facing the laundry mountain was a great motivation to get M out of his before L made his appearance.

Makita said...

I've only read this one post (thus far) and already ... I love your writing style! So glad to have met you today! Looking forward to many more outings and adventures. :)