Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy Day

We survived Christmas.  It is some sort of miracle.  We traveled three separate times between November and January and now we are home again, reaping the benefits of a warm house, a happy family and a feeling of satisfaction from holiday bliss (read: 10 extra pounds).   How do you react to the post-holiday stupor?  Here's my take, but I'd love to hear yours.

In years past I would have been depressed by the inevitable end of holiday joy.  By depressed I actually mean despondent.  I would have faced a winter of cold days curled up in bed, trying not to weep.  I would have written dark poetry, feigned lonliness and fought myself tooth and nail to accomplish anything worthwhile.  Well-meaning friends would have tried to call, stop by or invite me out.  I would comply or not.  I would walk through each moment as a shadow, reflecting light only when it shone directly upon me.

Today is a Holiday.  Every day is a Holy Day, one that doesn't have to end.  Since God instantly, miraculously healed my depression about 6 years ago, I can find everyday joy.  Melancholy still grips me now and then.  I might disappear into a book or force myself to go for a walk which is enough for a breather from my intentional life of joyfulness.  Now that I have two kids I can't afford the self-indulgent ways of the past, so I find new ways to infuse life into everyday.

  •  DO SOMETHING.  Anything.  Especially exercise.
  • Come visit my other blog to see how we have stretched Christmas out past December 25. 
  • Look ahead to something else.  Find a point in the future that you can get excited about and focus on that.  How about that garden this spring?  Or the project that's been waiting for the end of the holidays?  Do you have a vacation in the works?
  • Are you a list-maker?  Set some goals or New Year's resolutions.  Write a list of things you can do to get to those goals.
  • Reply and let me know how you cope with post-holiday blues or what your New Year's Resolutions are.


Anonymous said...

Good words Tori! Full of encouragement and love. Long walks in the winter daylight, sometimes sunny, do it for me, but often that's not possible. I'm looking ahead to helping you with your garden in the spring!

Tiffany said...

Well said, sista! Instead of resolutions this year, I've decided to let myself be. Just be. Free to make mistakes and show my imperfections. I'm not going to work so hard at being something I'm not this year. For me, that will be quite an accomplishment!