Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finding the visual "me"

I don't usually use this blog to randomly promote something, but I've been discovering some amazing things about myself because of a new site I've been using:  Pinterest.  It may sound a little shallow and silly to say that a website can help me discover myself, but it's true.

Pinterest is great because they don't spend a lot of time explaining what they are.  Simplicity seems to be the new thing on the internet.  Nice.

Pinterest is the place to "pin" visual images, found online, that you find appealing.  You pin your pictures on a "pin board" and you can have as many different boards as you want.  It's super easy.  Once you've installed your "pin it" tool on your toolbar the rest is cake.  Just click and go.  Right on your own board.  Imagine these categories and more:
  • my dream kitchen
  • PINK!
  • Organization, please
  • romantic places
  • my utopia
  • kids' stuff
Now- every time you stumble, tumble, or google your way across an image you don't want to forget, stash it on your pinboard.  Etsy much?  Pin it.

I personally struggle with style.  I've never had tons of it, and didn't realize that I might have my own rather than needing to grab onto someone else's.  Now I can see all the things I love, pinned up onto one page.  Per topic.  It's like a 3D bulletin board with multiple layers of different things I LOVE.  All about ME.  Sounds a little selfish, but take this into consideration:

Then: I'm frustrated, overwhelmed, a little lonely and craving something beautiful in my life (besides the obvious beautiful things in my life!).  Have I forgotten the core of who I am in my effort to become what I must be?

Now:  I see the things I love in front of me.  And I see my house.  I suddenly see where the two connect and where they fail to make sense. I'm finding myself, again.

I'm realizing as I grow older that the things in our lives do have value.  Not because they are expensive, but because they instill joy, bring beauty and artfully express "self" in a way that is sometimes seemingly inexpressible.  Plus- you can find kindred spirits out there.  Check it out- tell me what you think!

ps- all the pics in this post are ones I've pinned on my pinboards.  

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beyourownadventure said...

I'm so happy to have found Pinterest too! I love your thoughts on it. It's been a huge inspiration to me & it's so easy.