Monday, July 25, 2011

House Rules

Lately I've been feeling like the rules just aren't laid out well enough.  A good friend once told me that we often take the things for granted things that we think our children know and understand.  So I began to question my Grace-girl (5 next month). 
  • Why isn't it ok to knock over your sister?
  • Can words hurt?
  • What does "consequence" mean?
  • Is it ok for mommies and daddies to be mad?
  • Is it ok for kids to be mad?
  • Why do you have to take time-outs?
I was surprised to find that her reasoning on these points wasn't quite what I thought it was.   For example, "It's ok to knock her over if it's just an accident."  Or "it's ok for daddies to be mad, but not mommies."  So we began, again, talking through things a little more.  As the eldest, sometimes I pin so much on her and forget to explain myself in the process.  Have patience, mama.

When I ran across this picture (see header) I began to think:  what are my house rules?  Really... what are those things that I value most in our home environment?  Why not add things like "laugh*giggle*be silly"?  Maybe we take ourselves way too seriously. 

So I'm thinking of creating my own wall of rules... but rules that matter.  Here are a few of my new

  1. Use kind words
  2. Laugh every day
  3. Use your imagination
  4. Make someone smile
  5. Read more books than ever before
  6. Make music freely
  7. This home has an open-door policy
  8. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  9. Exercise extreme love
  10. Breathe deeply
What would you add for your house rules?  Would you be bold enough to print them on the walls of your house?