Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

At which altar do you kneel?

"Worship" is a loaded word.  If you come from a Christian background it's full of mixed messages: carved statues on mountaintops juxtaposed with the leathery smell of old hymnals overlaid by power-point-presentation and over dramatized guitar.  Really, worship is much less about the music we play and more about how we pay honor, homage or respect to God.

Our family has recently taken on the truly awesome role of leading a little music time, a.k.a. "praise and worship," at a little gathering of Jesus-lovers on Sunday mornings.  We come together to serve our community and encourage each other, pray, and study the Bible without all the trappings of "church."

Except those little mini-cinnamon rolls.  Those are delicious.  And coffee.  Gotta have coffee.

Anyway- true worship, in my opinion, is the one thing we possess that we are able to give freely to God.
Worship is not ordained or orchestrated or even necessarily interpreted by God or anyone else.
I believe we were created to love God.  To WORSHIP Him.  To show respect, reverence, affection, love, devotion.  Why does He need this?  He doesn't.  He really doesn't.  But He likes to know that we choose to do it, anyway, because He loved us first.  Even before we knew to call on Him, before we knew the extent of our own shortcomings, He loved us, first.  He can't help himself, He HAS to love us.  

The thing that trips me up is this:  He Worships Us, Too. Now, don't freak out on me.  I'm not suggesting that we are gods of some sort- He Sings over usHe adores us.  He longs to be with us. 
The true worship of our hearts is that we choose Him over everything else in this world, just as He chose us.  

This topic of worship has been heavy on my heart for the past few months- I expect to return to it with a little more clarity, soon.  Promise.
For now I'll leave you with a favorite song of mine by Misty Edwards, "See the Way."

"God is a lover, looking for a lover, so he fashioned me.
God is a lover, looking for a lover, so he formed my heart..."