Friday, September 7, 2012

Sisterhood of Mothering

Baby Rain and Grace-girl:  Sisters
Today I'm thankful for sisters.  Mine, in particular.

Last weekend I sat with her, a latte and a black coffee between us, homeschool curriculum spread out on the table, and the Pacific Ocean roaring out the window.  It was a breathlessly beautiful moment.  Not just because of the ocean, or the silence of the child-less moment, but because it reminded me of all that is good between my sister and me.  We've shared so much on our life journey; some pretty and some definitively not.   But divorce and cancer and all kinds of ugliness could never overshadow all the good: marriage, children, life, and Jesus, to name a few.
She's latte, I'm black coffee.
I've been watching my girls as they grow and unite against the world in their crazy childlike way and remembering what that felt like for me.  Having a sister meant I was never on my own.  I always had a help-mate and friend.  When I doubted myself, I could trust that she would be standing there ready to give me a true reflection.  I like to think that our relationship is part of the reason we both married wonderful men- there was no desperation or loneliness in that choice.  We always had each other, after all.

Oh the joy!
I've lived with my sister (and her very patient husband) a few times over the years and in the living together we have discovered we have very little in common in the everyday threads of life.  She's organized, I'm eclectic.  She's modern and minimalist, I'm artistic and Bohemian.  She's a vacation at a spa, I'm a backpacking adventure.  But we would live together again everytime.  Someday we'll be 85 and 88 in our rocking chairs watching the world go by our little porch.  Or maybe we'll still be hiking down to the beach, wine glasses in hand, to watch the moon rise.
Cousins can be sisters, too!
I don't want it to end.  In a way it is the sisterhood that provoked my heart into wanting a child in the first place.  And then another.  Between us we have five girls and some powerful strong sisterlove going on.

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