Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We are not the sort of homeschool-hippie-suburban-homesteading-wannabe parents who shelter our kids from the greater reality of the world beyond our doorstep.  We don't have cable, either.  Or a t.v. for that matter.  But we do watch a lot of movies and some t.v. shows.  My husband and I recently previewed "Rise of the Guardians" after hearing a lot about this movie.  It did absolutely live up to the hype- Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite and by far one of the funniest people in entertainment, today.  And the naughty/nice tattoos only help his cause.  Jude Law, Hugh Jackman... awesome.

The meta-theme?  Not so awesome.

I came away from this movie feeling a little dirty.  The children of our world today are longing to believe in something "real."  So what do we give them?  A revamped Santa, a kick-ass Easter Bunny, and a trickster ice-man.  Oh- and throw in a fairy for the girls (ooooh, aaaahhh).  The more we teach them that this is what magic is, the less they will be able to believe in REAL magic.  They'll come to believe that everything we taught them is imaginary, merely a child's dream.

I was as surprised by my reaction to this movie as I was by my reaction to Tangled when I saw it for the first time.  For me, that movie reflected REAL magic.  The magic of love and grace.  The struggle with our sin selves and the need to believe in a dream, a vision, that will ultimately lead us to truth.  Guardians only teaches us to believe in ... what?  Nature spirits?  Fairytales?  Ourselves?

The Rise of the Guardians is supposed to reflect an ancient story of how God assists heroes on their journeys, and this is a hero's journey.  But...

The Man in the Moon is the God figure in this movie.  He is distant, closed-off, non-verbal.  Not at all like the God I know.  The One who knows every hair on my head, and yours.  The God who sings over me and never sleeps is NOT distant though He has definitely given us each a special job: to be a guardian.  We must each be guardians of truth and of the dreams of the children in our lives and guardians of the Magic that Is.

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